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JT Front Sprocket 17 Tooth JTF259-17


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JT Sprockets are the World’s No. 1 aftermarket sprocket manufacturer! Using only the best grade of C49 High Carbon steel for rear sprockets and SCM420 Chromoly steel alloy for front sprockets, JT ensures Maximum Durability and performance for both Drive chain and sprockets. This sprocket may be available with a different number of teeth either listed or on request. If not we may be able to come up with some other alternatives for you so please contact us and we will see what we can do. This sprocket is a 17 tooth, also available in 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 teeth please contact us for details. 259-17 This sprocket will fit these bikes as a direct replacement each bike is listed under the number of teeth that will maintain standard gearing. If you want to increase the speed of your bike we recommend you go for a bigger front sprocket please check out our shop for the listed sprockets. A smaller front sprocket gives more acceleration and LESS top speed. Bigger Front sprocket gives less acceleration but MORE TOP SPEED. But please bear in mind only if the engine has enough power.   Applications 13 Teeth Daelim Road VC125 (80 Kmh Version) Germany 96-97 VL125 Daystar (80 Kmh Version) Germany 00-07 VT125 Evolution (80 Kmh Version) Germany 98-02   14 Teeth Daelim Road 100 Altino VC125 S 96-99 VJ125 Roadwin 04-07 VJF125 R Roadwin FI 08-16 VL125 Daystar 00-07 VL125 FI Daystar II 08-11 VS125 97-99 VS125 Evolution 00-03 VT125 Evolution 98-02   Honda Road EZ 90 Cub 90-92 EZ 90 Cub USA 90-92 CB100 76-77 CB100 NA 78-86 CB100 K1/K2 USA SL100 USA 69-72 XL100 K USA 74-76 XL100 USA 77-78 CB125 S USA 84-85 CB125 TT USA 90 CG125 Brazil 85-92 CG125 Brazil 93-98 CG125 Brazil France87-97 CG125 M1 02-05 CG125 06 CT125 D,E,F,G,H,K 83-89 CT125 USA77 XL125 SA, SB, SC, SZ 80-82 XL125 S USA 79-85 XLS125 France XL185 S-Z,A,B,D,H,J,K,L,M,P 79-93 XL185 S USA 79-83 CT200 Auto AG 82-89   15 Teeth Derbi Road 125 Baja SM 06-08 125 Cross City 07-08 125 Cross City 09-13   Honda Off Road TL125 S/K2 USA73-76 Honda Road CB125 S 75-79 CB125 S USA 73-82 CB125 J/N 78-79 CB125 T/T2 TA, TB, TZ 78-82 CB125 TDC, TDE Europe 82-88 CB125 TDC, TDE, TDJ 82-88 CB125 RS-D 83-86 CBX125 79-82 CD125 TC Benly 82-85 CD125 T Europe CD125 TB Europe CG125 All Japan 77-84 CG125 E 98 CG125 99-00 CG125 W 01 CG125 Titan Brazil 00-03 CL125 USA 73-74 CM125 C Custom 82-97 CM125 T France CT125 C 82 MTX125 RWD, RWF, RWH, RWL 83-94 NX 125 USA 88 NX 125 Japan 88 NX 125 USA 89-90 NX 125 Japan 89-90 SL125 K1, S1 76-80 XL125 K2, K3 78-79 XL125 USA 74-78 XL125 K2, K3, SZ, SB, SC, SD Australia 77-83 XL125 R ProLink 82-87 CD185 T 78-82 CM185 T Germany 77-81 CM185 T USA 78-79 CT185 D 82-83 XR185 USA 79 CD200 TB Benly 80-85 CM200 TA, TB Custom MD01 81-84 CM200 T Twinstar USA 80-82   Kymco Road 125 STR Greece 10- SYM Road XS125   Thumpstar Off Road Thumpstar Pit Bikes All Models 100cc+   X-Sport Off Road X-Sport Pit Bikes All Models 100cc+   16 Teeth Honda Road NX125 89-90 NX125 Transcity 89-98 XL125 J 88   Kreidler Road 125 Mustang 98-00   Kymco ATV 50 KXR 04-07 90 KXR 05-07 90 Maxxer 05-07

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