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Black Friday Sales ongoing - Ends midnight on the 29th of November: Black Friday Offers

Black Friday Sales ongoing - Ends midnight on the 29th of November: Black Friday Offers

1. Oulton Park Race weekend July 2016
2. Rockingham Motor Speedway Race weekend July 2016
3. Anglesey Race weekend August 2016
4. Donington Park Race weekend September 2016
5. Post Crash Blues September 2016
6. Cadwell Park Race Weekend October 2016
7. So how did racing go 2016?

So how did racing go 2016?

I have been involved in bikes my whole life, but I have never before had any formal racing experience. The first thing that surprised me was how many people are out there and how much skill and knowledge there is at every level. Well, and the odd urban legend about doing this crazy thing and you go faster etc. The whole scene is so welcoming and patient with a bunch of newbies trying to work it out, if you ever want to try I can really recommend it. But don’t sleep in your car. Despite my best efforts it still wasn’t that comfortable.

Going with the university team with an experienced rider Luc Mamet, and an experienced company Jon Strike from STP race products to keep us right, was a big help. After a few races, we really found our feet.

A big thank you to Edward McGladdery, James McGladdery, and Luke Parsons who were there at almost every race meeting, and who did a ton of work both at the track and off the track, much more than people saw, we couldn’t have done it without them. Back at base Philip Bristow, Chris Hine, Haydn Jones, Sertac Ozdemir, and Ross Drinkwater were all vital in keeping the wheels on the whole thing as well.

To have only completed half of the races and still managed to finish 6th overall out of 48, shows that Apex Evolution Racing did really well for a first go.

So what’s next? Luc Mamat is off to Spain to compete in the super-stock 600 of the CEV Moto2 European Championship. I have decided that the time taken to go racing is going to put a huge strain on my degree so I have decided to bow out gracefully until I can go and wobble round on my own. I think a few track days may be in order, as I haven’t ridden a bike on a track in over 20yrs and that was on an AF1 125 Aprilia. Ed and Luke have Joined the other university race team Orthrus Racing, they are hoping to run 3 riders next year so fingers crossed everything goes well for them.

I have to admit, ups and downs aside, I had a ball, but next time I think I will be the one on the bike, not because i think i can ride better, but because I think it will be more fun, but who knows what the future will bring.

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