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So it begins…

We have established the bike has a few issues, it’s time to strip it right back, clean and fix everything I find. A closer inspection of the loom shows that removal could be tricky, I may have to take the engine out anyway so will leave it where it is until then. Looks like it might take a while (I had no idea how long) to fix all this.

I don’t know if any of you have ever really carefully looked at your bike it’s amazing how many places the crud from the road can hide and build up. You may think your cleaning your bike, it may look lovely but closer inspection revealed I had been neglecting my Italian beauty. I am even more in awe of those among us who spend as much time cleaning as they do riding, I admire the dedication. I just like to keep it clean and ride it. Which given current circumstances may have been a false economy.

I have to admit the thought of tackling this is a bit daunting I have worked on older bikes my whole life but this is all sensors fuel injection and enough technology to make me shudder. I decided to start with the easy bit.


The rear sub frame, the first step was to remove the exhausts, 2 springs at the connecting pipe and a single bolt on the exhaust hanger. I am ashamed look at the state of those exhausts I have put one cleaned beside the cleaner of the two I took off and its embarrassing. They didn’t look that bad on the bike no wonder she threw a strop and demanded some attention.

I spent a full day cleaning those exhausts the dirt was so deeply ingrained and starting to surface rust in places. The exhaust hanger straps can be salvaged but the hanger bolts where rusted to hell and will have to replaced. Add that to the long list of replacement part required. Now on to the next job.

So off came the rear sub frame fairings and tail light fortunately a fairly straightforward task. Even these where a bit grubby on the inside and there was a lot chain lube stuck to the left of the under tray. It was nicely mixed with random gravel and sand to abrade the nice carbon fibre panels. I had decided to clean parts as I took them off so they cleaned up fairly well.

Out came the battery easily enough and I notice a lot of the loom ends up under the seat. I was very careful to take a lot of pictures of what went where, so when I replace the loom I plug everything back into the right place. I also removed the petrol tank which mounts on the rear sub frame. Since when did fuel tanks need so many hoses?

That just left the wires sitting loose on the rear tyre and the rear sub frame ready to be removed. Fortunately, again this was in pretty good shape and only needed a wipe down and looked as good as new.

I decided to drop out the rear tyre next and the bike is looking very exposed all of a sudden. I think the rest of the fairings need to come off next. Yes, I know that’s at the front and I am still dodging taking the engine out…



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